Features To Consider

When it is time for a homeowner to remodel their bathroom, there is a plethora of options despite the small size of the room. Due to the excessive amount of choices, it is best to plan the bathroom with different types of bathroom décor. Then the next step is to work out a budget. It will allow you make a new list of things that you can afford but you still love. We have comprised a guide to help you in your choices of bathroom components:
Sinks can be super pricey. Depending on the sink, it can come with integrated faucets with one or a three hole set up.

There are several ways to mount a sink.

  • Wall Mounted
  • The flow flow behind them and they are mounted into the wall. You will need a contractor to redo the plumbing if you have a sink where the water flows through a J bend.

    This can be expensive.

  • Drop In
  • you will have to make sure it fits because it is dropped into a hole in the countertop.

  • Undermounted
  • This type of sink has a under the countertop installation.

  • One piece
  • The countertop can be one that is made out of solid surface material or a pedestal sink. Vessel

These sinks are bowl that sit on top of the counter. They are very elegant and have typically have their own vanity and faucet.
Faucets and Other Bathroom Fixtures
Control knobs, faucets, tub handles, and showerheads come in many different materials and shapes. The different finishes on fixtures like these can be chrome, brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and steel. Choosing any of these fixtures can contribute strongly to the overall bathroom décor.
Vanities and Countertops
All sinks need to be fitted into a vanity unless it is a wall mounted sink or a pedestal sink. A vanity can be something very simple, or very complicated. It can be a cabinet with a sink hole, or it can be a beautiful piece with a granite or marble top. On the downside, they can be very expensive (also heavy). If you go with natural stone, you will need to protect it against stains by sealing it. Synthetic stone such as Silestone and Caesarstone are more cost effective and easy to take care of. But if you are really concerned with your budget, you can do ceramic tile or laminate.
Unless you are going with an very comprehensive bathroom remodel, most homeowners just refinish their old bath tub. It is very expensive and labor demanding to buy and install a new bath tub. There is a possibility that the original bathtub was too big to even fit through the doors, so it was installed before the walls were. You should even consider just updating some fixtures. It can change the look of the tub. However, whether you place the whole tub or just remodel, you need to accommodate it with your budget. It can cost either a couple hundred or thousands for a bathtub. You should hire a professional to install the new tub (especially if changing the plumbing). Bathtubs can come in many different forms and materials. They can be dropped into platforms, installed in alcoves, be freestanding, or have clawed feet. Some of our customers choose to have a bathtub that are deeper than most tubs such as garden or soaking tubs. For the elderly, or people having issues with their mobility, we recommend walk-in bathtubs. If you want a bathtub that massages, we recommend a Jacuzzi or a whirlpool tub.
You have so many options when it comes to showers. You can now can have a shower that has its own room, stalls, and its own enclosures. If you want that spa feel, you can add foot massagers and multiple body jets. However, a shower replacement is very expensive and should be completed by a professional. You can customize a stalls by adding tempered glass doors. You can also customize them by having the stalls made out of PVC, plastic, vinyl, or acrylic. All of these materials can come in a plethora of colors, textures, and patterns. They can also by inlaid over your existing wall. The lining shower stall tiles also come with many color, pattern, and size options. They can be made out of glass, natural stone, or ceramic materials. We also recommended a glass block wall for privacy and a great look. All of these jobs however should be completed by a professional who has experience.
A toilet is one of the select components that can add such a high level of functionality. A new toilet can be more efficient and conserve water. When purchasing and installing a new toilet, it is key to measure the new unit and the preexisting space.
Lighting and Mirrors
A well-lighted bathroom can be very aesthetically pleasing. Wall lighting is typically used with mirrors and overhead lights. If you want to prove extra light for grooming such as makeup application and shaving we recommend strip lights above the mirror, or scones placed on the sides of a bathroom mirror. If you want a light that can be good for low ceilings and put almost anywhere, than we recommend recessed lights. They can be angled to choose wall décor, and their light levels can be altered. There are many options and variety’s when it comes to mirrors. You can buy many different shaped mirrors and group them together, or you can do a wood framed mirror to accomplish that warm feel.
Wall Coverings
It is essential that the wall coverings in the bathroom are able to tolerate cleaning, moisture, and heat. Homeowners typically go with semi-gloss or gloss paint for the walls. Traditionally tiles have always been chosen for bathroom walls. The wallpaper should also be made of vinyl.
Traditionally, tiles have always been chosen for bathroom floors due to their ability to be waterproof and long-lasting. They need to be regularly cleaned, and to prevent stains, the grout needs to be sealed. Materials that absorb water (wood and carpeting) will not be the best for a bathroom. However, linoleum and vinyl floors can be good options. You may need to consider a radiant heating system if you have to put in a new bathroom floor. It will not only increase the value of your home, but the heat will keep your feet warm.
Having your bathroom being wheelchair accessible may be an option that you should keep in mind. When you become elderly, you do not want that to be the thing that determines whether or not you are able to stay in your home or assisted living. The handicap features can also be a bonus when it comes time to selling your home if you decide to some day.
Even if you have a large budget allotted for your bathroom remodeling, you should always consider the hiccups and unexpected issues that occur during the process. You may want an exotic bathroom with carpet or wood coverings, however they are not the best due to the bathroom’s high humidity. This also goes for some vinyl floors where they can mildew and even rot in a humid room. With that all said, ceramic tile is always the best way to go. It is important that you buy more that you think you need when redoing your bathroom floors. Also, the styles of tiles are constantly changing, so you may not be able to get hold of it again. Make sure that you pay attention to the provisions of heating the bathroom. Bathrooms can get very cold due to the materials. So get the provisions such as registers that connect to the central heating system. When it comes to the plumbing, you want to make sure you get the highest quality that you can afford because they are hard to replace is they wear out.